How To Improve Help Desk Performance?

improve help desk performance

A helpdesk is the prime necessity of modern age businesses. The reason is both your employees and customer desire flawless support. However, a helpdesk in its place is not enough to meet your conditions. The aspect that can bring a difference to your business is your help- desk performance.

If your employees find prompt solutions to every IT-related issue, they will feel valued. This culture will further motivate them to deliver fast and quality service. Consequently, your customers will get a fast response. This way, an efficient helpdesk benefits a business irrespective of size and type.

Realizing the proven benefit of an efficient help desk, many companies rely on outsource IT help desk support services. It ensures transparency in the performance of the help desk. However, in all cases, you need to know the factors determining great help desks. So, we will discuss in this post what can improve help desk performance in your organization.

8 Ways to Improve Help Desk Performance in Your Organization?

A well-performing help desk can benefit your business to a large extent. So, let’s look at the 8 proven methods to improve your help desk performance.

1. Define Your Objectives

For a help desk to perform effectively and seamlessly, you need to specify precise goals and purposes for your help desk team. The goals should hold distinct strategies for managing customer queries/complaints. It includes selecting maximum response/wait time, daily targets, and so on.

Once you set the goals, you must ensure that your team follows the strategies and works toward achieving the target. Furthermore, a one-on-one discussion with your help desk team is crucial to apprehend the challenges they meet while addressing customer problems. Thus you will understand the requirement to overcome the challenges.

2. Train Your Help Desk Team

Adequate training is essential for your help desk team because trained employees can solve matters skillfully and promptly. It can help decrease the response/wait times, making your customers satisfied.

Moreover, training can help enhance the internal customer service levels. It saves employees from waiting for a response from the management to solve a particular problem.

3. Prepare a Service Self-Service Portal

By creating a self-service portal, you provide customers with solutions to some particular issues and queries. This way, they can become self-sufficient and resolve basic concerns themselves. Perhaps they won’t need assistance from any agent.

4. Gather Performance Reviews

It is crucial to track the customer interaction metrics, but equally important is to acquire internal feedback on help desk performance. It refers to taking employee feedback if they face any challenges while attending to customers.

You can use their experiences to solve employee-specific issues in your organizations. This way is easier to find out the metrics that can help improve help desk performance.

5. Practice Employee-Reward System

The employee reward approach can be truly effective in enhancing your help desk performance. For example, you can pay individual recognition to your staff for their responsibility and dedication.

It will intensify their morale to improve your help desk metrics. They will be inspired to be a loyal employee. And it will result in an enormous and favorable effect on your help desk performance.

6. Train Your Help Desk Team to Categorize Work

Your help desk staff should be capable to decide and prioritize important tasks. It will help you reap desirable results. So they should be prepared and trained to determine priority cases.

It will help them determine which ticket requires instant attention and respond promptly. However, while resolving high-priority matters instantly, they should also ensure all the low-key issues get addressed on time with no backlogs.

Furthermore, work should be categorized and divided among senior and junior executives based on priority and complexity. With this kind of strategy in place, the entire help desk support will become more precise and efficient.

7. Inform Your Customers

Sometimes, customers become hectic and feel in trouble while following a course of steps to resolve their issues. This can be sorted through effective communication.

Help desk agents can assure customers about positive action. Moreover, customers should believe that the steps suggested are appropriate for the functioning of the product/service at hand.

It allows them to get an exhaustive picture of the issue and collaborate with the help desk executive. Ultimately, it helps in resolving issues faster in an efficient way.

8. Use Digital Platforms

Modern customers are always active on digital and social media platforms. They go online on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for a long time. So these customers expect real-time responses from their preferred brands.

Many put queries and requests to be addressed on social media. Thus, they mention brands and companies in their tags, comments, and shares on various online platforms. So, companies must strengthen their online presence to interact with customers via blogs, live chat, stories, emails, etc.

Therefore, your help desk team must be trained to manage online queries/requests and provide a prompt live response.


A help desk can tremendously benefit your business. It not only resolves the IT-related issues faced by your employees but also smoothens the whole business process. An IT help desk saves your productive time. However, to avail of the full benefit, you need to improve your help desk performance. It means you need to equip your team with the required tools and training that will help them deliver prompt and appropriate solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Your Help Desk Perform Better?

To ensure good performance of your help desk, you need to offer easy-to-use tools that make your agent’s job convenient. It will enable them to create tickets, monitor query status, and even self-resolve some repetitive issues for the users. Thus it reduces overall ticket volume and saves valuable time for the end-user.

What are the Must-have Skills of Your Help Desk Agents?

  • They should be able to install new software and teach end users how to operate them.
  • They should effectively provide remote technical support via live chat or phone.
  • They should know how to back up and restore files.
  • They should maintain operating systems by fixing hardware and configuring software.

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