ManageEngine vs Jira Compared 2023

ManageEngine vs Jira

Finding the most suitable help desk software for your IT business can get overwhelming. Most businesses expect their IT tool to deliver excellent user satisfaction while streamlining all complex business operations.

It isn’t just about responding to user queries and resolving tickets as fast as possible. Today, IT help desk software offers a comprehensive package covering all aspects of a business—from IT automation to remote workforce management. This guide will walk you through the two most downloaded and trusted help desk software applications—ManageEngine and Jira.

Both are ITSM software applications known for handling all kinds and complexities of IT issues. But both are packed with different features and are engineered to serve different audiences. Let’s check out the features, pros, and cons of each.

What is ManageEngine?

ManageEngine is a robust IT management software designed for technicians and businesses of all sizes. The product is a division of Zoho Corporation and has offices located worldwide. The company claims that its OpManager has over 10,00,000 users that are based in 120 countries.

The software is an all-in-one package covering a wide variety of business operations and customer management in a single centralized system.

The solution gives you clear visibility into your IT operations, including all hardware and software assets across different departments in your organization. It monitors these assets throughout their lifecycle and ensures that they are upgraded as and when required.

ManageEngine has gained popularity for its fantastic automation capabilities. It saves your IT technicians the time of collecting all user requests and manually converting them into tickets. The software automates every ITSM feature—from ticket assigning to generating reports.

Serving IT professionals and businesses for over 10 years, ManageEngine has become users’ go-to tool for IT operations.

What is Jira Service Desk?

Jira is an IT service management tool that simplifies all IT-related operations and empowers employees to focus on tasks that are more important than addressing individual user requests. More than 65,000 businesses use Jira Service Desk to automate their IT operations worldwide.

The software has an intuitive user interface, which enables IT teams to execute all management tasks in one place.
Users love the neat design, which lists all ITSM functions on one screen, and everything looks well-organized. The ITSM tool covers change management, incident management, reports and analytics, problem management, service requests, ticket channels, knowledge base, and a host of other features.

Jira combines the developers and IT management teams into a consolidated tool, making management easier than ever. This allows seamless collaboration between different departments. As a result, your team can address user issues faster and more efficiently.

Overall, Jira Service Desk is your best bet if automation and excellent service delivery are your primary business objectives.

ManageEngine vs Jira: Which Help Desk Software is Better?

1. Integrations

Jira is a flexible software that supports all types of internal and external integrations. You can combine it with your existing HR tools and other software apps to streamline other areas of operations. It can be integrated with over 3000 applications.

ManageEngine doesn’t support integration with third-party applications. You can use its Help Desk software with other ManageEngine applications, but it doesn’t work with other apps.

2. Automation

ManageEngine and Jira are both designed to automate your help desk. The tools have an excellent ticket management system that allows users to drop their concerns from any channel.

Their issues are converted into tickets and assigned to the available agent. Both offer a smooth escalation process, automatically sending the issues to the top-tier technicians. The entire process is executed in a timely fashion, improving your ticket resolution rate.

3. Features

Jira is a multi-faceted software covering all management operations—from detecting bugs in software to streamlining HR & marketing. ManageEngine was designed for ITSM. It offers features that facilitate smooth IT operations.

Jira offers agile project management and advanced reporting tools that give you a comprehensive view of your performance. ManageEngine has an automated function but is not as extensive as Jira reporting.

In terms of IT management, both offer multi-channel communication, ticket prioritization, email management, a self-service portal, real-time chat, ticket management, SLA management, and a knowledge base.

4. Pricing

Both Jira and ManageEngine offer a free plan for startups. Jira is free for up to 10 users and offers 2GB storage for the free version. You can sign up for an upgraded model to leverage its advanced features. The starting plan is available at $7.50 per month and has a free trial.

ManageEngine starts at $10/month per user. It’s for IT startups that need an IT help desk only. You can upgrade to the professional plan starting at $21/month per technician. This plan covers asset management with the help desk. The Enterprise edition costs $50/month per technician and offers change+asset+help desk.

5. Deployment

Installing the service desk and setting up configurations for each service you have included in the SLA can get pretty hectic for a non-tech-savvy business. Even IT professionals need step-by-step guidance on setting up the software.

ManageEngine is, fortunately, easy to set up and has simple configurations. Since the platform is built to automate complex business operations, installing it doesn’t take much time. Likewise, Jira has a fairly easy set-up process.

Both are SaaS products, so they are compatible with the cloud. Jira and ManageEngine can also be deployed on iOS and Android mobiles. Both work on Mac and Windows.

6. Support Services

If you are stuck with any technical issue, you can contact the support team immediately and get quick responses. However, if you are looking for a live representative, Jira might not be your best option. Jira has live rep support, but these agents are available during business hours only, while ManageEngine offers 24/7 live support.

Bottom Line

While ManageEngine is clearly a game changer for an IT help desk, Jira is an all-rounder and offers excellent scalability. There’s no clear winner. Both software applications are developed by trusted companies and offer different features. Your choice of an ideal help desk tool should be based on your budget, requirements, and business operations.

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