Top 5 Tips From Today’s Mobility Leaders

Mobility Leaders

Would you call your organization a digital business? Like many managers, you’d probably say “no.” But many organizations are digital businesses and don’t realize it. That’s because mobility leaders now drives the success of many businesses. Yours is probably one of them—even if you’re not trying to be a digital business. Digital technology is a key driver not only of an organization’s market differentiation, business growth, and corporate innovation but also its adaptability, flexibility, and profitability.

Mobility Leaders Are Key Enabler

Mobility leaders are a key enabler for many businesses. So it comes as no surprise that it’s a strong focus for all types of companies. In fact, 4 in 10 businesses now consider mobility a key part of their business strategy, according to an Accenture survey.

But strategic, operational, and organizational challenges often make it difficult for many companies to take full advantage of mobility’s promise.

Thus, the survey also indicates that many companies are experiencing a weak return on investment (ROI) from their mobility dollars.

This begs the question: What kind of ROI are you getting from your mobility investments?

If you’re not getting a strong return, implementing the 5 best practices cited below can help you boost your ROI to more acceptable levels.

  • Make mobility a top priority

Savvy mobility leaders make mobility a top priority. If you haven’t done that yet, you might want to do it. It’s the only way to squeeze the most out of this technology.

Think in terms of using mobility—along with other digital technologies—to build an entirely new business rather than to improve on your existing one.

Many mobility leaders are already doing this. Don’t be left behind.

· Develop a formal mobility strategy

About 54% of the mobility leaders surveyed by Accenture have a formal enterprise-wide mobility strategy. While 35% have a formal mobility strategy for individual business units or functions.

  • Obtain senior buy-in on mobile initiatives

Senior buy-in is imperative if you want to improve your ROI on mobility. CEOs and senior managers must own the company’s mobility strategy.

In addition, senior leaders should be engaged with the organization’s mobility initiatives.

  • Aggressively pursue mobility investments

Top leaders consider mobility a key part of their business strategy. So they aggressively invest in mobility technologies and heavily pursue their adoption.

Many mobility leaders make it ultra-easy for internal users to access mobility technology by creating an enterprise mobile app store or catalog.

Many also have a formal and robust methodology for developing mobile apps that spans development, testing, distribution, and updating.

Key Priorities Of Mobility Leaders

In addition to discussing the best practices of today’s mobility leaders, Accenture’s survey also pinpoints four key customer-facing priorities for mobility. These priorities include:

  • Opening up new sales or marketing channels (44% of those surveyed)
  • Driving revenues through transactions on mobile services (43%)
  • Driving revenue through customer engagement on mobile devices (39%)
  • Improving field service/customer service delivery (39%)

Using these priorities to drive their mobile technologies has helped many of the companies that responded to Accenture’s survey boost their ROI.

Clearly, mobility is a technology whose time has come. The same can be said for digital technology overall. It can help boost customer service and customer satisfaction as well as your company’s ROI.

But there’s no shortcut to generating strong business results like this. To realize digital technology’s promise, you’ll have to first recognize its potential and then mobilize resources to capitalize on it.

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