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Call Center A Lifesaver

Inbound Call Center A Lifesaver

Inbound call centers are actual lifesavers if you don’t believe me then go on and read this. Imagine a scenario –  your business is on the big road to success and the phone just will not stop ringing. You are too busy to answer it and the rest of the employees too have their hands full with work. Attending every call will be a drop in the productivity of the employee and a waste of both time and energy apart from being a great distraction. Suppose you do pick up the phone and answer it, chances are you will be […]

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A Lowdown On Call Centers In India

For most of the clients sitting far away in the US and UK; call centers in India still represent seedy, “kind of weird”, jagged out rooms filled with young “wannabes” who are getting paid to attend to calls in American accents inside a dingy call center. Like most notions about India, this one too is a bit cliched and to an extent, untrue. So let me give you a lowdown on how outsourced call centers actually function in India. With state-of-the-art equipment and multimedia centers that are capable of handling multi-channel interaction; most Indian call centers are absolutely technologically savvy […]

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