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Tech MNC

Offer TECH MNC Flexibility with Tech Support

Cloud communications can help your company perform advance support for your customers. When you combine these services with managed technical  support the result is a TECH MNC class service at a price your business can afford. Cloud Communication & Tech MNC Cloud-based phone systems are a convenient and affordable way for a business to communicate internally and externally. They offer unlimited local and long distance calling and advanced phone features at half the cost of traditional phone systems. They don’t require special equipment and start-up costs are extremely low. Many service companies offer an all-in-one solution so that you don’t […]

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Decision Making Changes can Positively Impact Tech Support

The customer is always right. This platitude may sound like a great way to improve customer relations. But businesses understand that if they allow their support personnel free reign when satisfying clients they could lose money. outsource tech support can be an expensive department to run and maintaining customer satisfaction can be costly. Changing the way the company handles the decision-making process can positively impact tech support for the small business. Customer Satisfaction Or Profits There are many costs that are included with tech support. Training personnel, hardware and software, office support and infrastructure costs such as lights, phone, and […]

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voice analytics

Is voice analytics the future of tech support call centers?

Is voice analytics the future of tech support call centers? — Your help desk staff would certainly have an easier time doing their jobs if your callers would say exactly what they were thinking at all times. Unfortunately, human beings tend to hide their true thoughts and emotions, making it harder for call center employees to identify the best ways to achieve caller satisfaction. For companies using outsourced technical support, the potential for difficulties is even greater, as these call center operatives may have a harder time picking up on voice cues due to a lack of cultural understanding. A […]

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Tech support metrics

Don’t Overlook The Most Important Tech Support Metrics

Outsourcing tech support metrics can cut costs, increase efficiency, improve productivity, and deliver better customer experiences. But you can’t realize these benefits if you can’t manage the tech support firm. And you can’t do that if you’re using the wrong Tech Support Metrics to assess performance. Using the wrong Tech Support Metrics spells disaster. It can send the wrong signals to the firm’s agents and erode agent morale. Bad morale can infect customer experiences. But with so many metrics to choose from, how do you know which are the right ones to use? Two Factors Are Key When Picking Tech […]

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