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Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management – Best Practices

Customer is king and never has it been more true than the present. According to recent studies, Customer Service Management analysts found that over 20% of customers lose faith after one bad experience. The same studies show that a 25% or more will simply switch to the next brand. As always, the importance of a good first impression cannot be underestimated. We have seen the damage one mistreated or disgruntled customer can do to a business and the effect exponentially magnifies by the proliferation of our social media platforms. It is therefore true that all customers should be treated with [...]
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Customer Service Emails

The Art of Writing Customer Service Emails for Companies

Customer service today heavily relies on digital channels like emails to communicate with customers and solve issues in a cost-effective, and more personal way on a regular basis. Recent research shows that businesses conduct 25% of all contact between them and their customers via email. Such results indicate that emails have become an invaluable business communication tool. However, email customer service is not as straightforward as it may seem. Your email behavior can build or damage your reputation both professionally and individually. It is, therefore, important that you treat every customer support email as an opportunity to build a better [...]
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Customer Service Calls

6 Infuriatingly Amusing Customer Service Calls

Funny seems considerably funnier when it strikes ordinary everyday situations. Anybody who has stifled a laugh in a conference room (which is essentially anyone who has ever been in a conference room) would agree. Some memorable calls from customers that have made the rounds in our North American Customer Service calls circles are a testament to this. These anecdotes, in addition to being amusing, are also instructive in preparing an agent for the more atypical callers. 6 Infuriatingly Customer Service Calls   1. The One-Stop Shopper Once every so often, we hear of callers who expect the ‘800’ number to […]

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Customer Service

Retention: Comcast & Sky Redefine Customer Service

Two companies with recent incidences of poor customer service: Comcast and Sky have had their call center habits thoroughly lambasted. They have had cases where customer retention specialists forced unsatisfied customers to endure lengthy calls trying to convince them not to cancel their services. In these two cases, instead of canceling the customers’ services as requested, the customer service agents forced customers to endure frustrating hours trying to persuade them not to leave. Customer retention is in the minds of all businesses across the world. With rising costs of customer acquisition, companies are coming up with innovations, assuming proactive roles […]

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