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net promoter score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) – The Only KPI That Matters

Net Promoter Score (NPS) - The Only KPI That Matters Interested in gauging the loyalty and level of your customers’ satisfaction? Then Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the ideal tool you can use to perform this very important role in the operations of your organization. Net Promoter Score is a key performance indicator (KPI) that is focused on measuring customer loyalty (Frenay, 2016). It was introduced as an alternative to customer satisfaction surveys that were seen as rather time consuming. Customer loyalty behavior plays a pivotal role in promoting commercially meaningful scores as determined by KPI. Customer satisfaction significantly contributes [...]
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Customer Care Service

Customer Care Service – 5 Ways to Awesome Experience

Here are 5 Ways to Deliver Awesome Customer Care ServiceCustomer Care Service Must Respect & Appreciate Customers Customers want to have high priority with regards to dealing with their inquiries and needs. They tend to get mad especially when their expectations for products bought are not met and would want to have someone with a huge patience to accommodate them and assist them to their needs. After all, they have paid for the goods. It is a must that your call center support team must be able to keep a cool head when dealing with customers, treat them with utmost [...]
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Leverage Facebook

Customer Support Services – 5 Ways to Leverage Facebook

Keeping your users upbeat and your customer support service engineers with a full head of hair is a top need for any organization. Most enterprises view social networks as a way to deal with customers vocalizing disappointments, yet it truly offers a great deal more. To uncover whatever remains of this Customer support services’ icy mass, we’ve accumulated a rundown of 5 unpredictable ways to leverage Facebook as a medium for Customer support services. Steps For Customer Support via Facebook Advanced Reports and Solution Recognition On Facebook, organizations can keep clients mindful of current occasions. The straightforwardness of an open […]

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