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Effective Leader

Technology MNC Utilize Customer Experience Strategies

Understanding customer experience can help your company tailor its offerings and marketing strategies. Technology MNC companies leverage big data analytics in order to understand its market down to age groups, gender and even whether they eat Chinese food on Fridays. For a small business, this type of information is difficult to obtain. When you leverage call center outsourcing services as part of your data gathering strategy, the service rates are offset by company growth. Albert McKeon’s article on customer experience strategy explains the importance of intelligence gathering and how a one size fits all approach to marketing is no longer […]

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Customer Engagement

How To Create Customer Engagement Centers?

Creating a call center or a help desk is no longer enough to take care of customers. Consumers now want access to the company, tech support services, and account information across multiple channels and in real-time. This has forced businesses to develop customer engagement centers, a combination of CRM, social media, call centers, and community engagement. With an outsourced help desk company, you can create a customer engagement center that is more efficient and cost-effective. The technology that is involved with a customer engagement center requires software and hardware that will follow the full life cycle of every customer, real-time […]

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Customer Service Experiences

6 Ways To Improve Customer Service Experiences in Financial Services

Make no mistake. Customer Service Experiences operations are going through a major paradigm shift that threatens the survival of many companies. Nowhere is this paradigm shift more prevalent than in the financial services industry, where it’s created a new realty for businesses. Financial services firms must adjust to this new reality as quickly as possible. Failure to do so poses a significant threat even to market leaders. To adapt to this new reality, companies must create exceptional, end-to-end customer experiences using every technique they can. Creating  customer experiences can help them tap this paradigm shift whether you’re a bank, an […]

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5 Secrets To Providing Awesome Customer Experiences

Do you provide awesome customer experiences to your customers? A recent survey shows that 33% of consumers think that today’s businesses pay less attention to providing good service than in the past. What’s more, only 7% say that the customer service they’ve received typically exceeds their expectation. These numbers aren’t just disappointing they’re disheartening—especially if you manage an inbound call center. Call centers are the frontlines of customer service. They often determine consumers’ impressions of your customer service. This in turn affects customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. But the numbers above represent something else. They represent a golden opportunity to […]

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