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Customer Service Blunders

10 Shocking Customer Service Blunders That Escalated Quickly

For as long as there has been customer service blunders. What has changed is the cost of one wrong move in handling a customer’s problem. The impact is no longer limited to one disgruntled customer or his kith and kin; a customer support faux pas could explode online and go viral through online media and social networks to do some serious damage to the reputation and goodwill which brands hold so dear. Some of these are major slip-ups; others are the result of tactless handling of what would have been minor incidents. This list looks at some such cases involving big [...]
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customer communities

Customer Communities Don’t Replace Inbound Call Centers

Customer communities have become a popular way for businesses and customers to handle certain interactions. Small business owners may even be under the mistaken belief that these communities can replace inbound call center companies. While a customer community may play a role in serving your customer, don’t misunderstand the importance of contact centers. Customer Communities A customer community is an online forum where employees, experts and customers can communicate with one another about the products and services of a specific company. It is a great place to find answers to frequently asked questions, learn tips and tricks for getting the […]

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Customer Relationship Management

How Customer Relationship Management Can Benefit Business?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most important aspects of your business. Call center interactions define customer service. With the reputation of your company on the line, you need specialists managing the frontlines. That is why you should consider CRM for your company. Customer Interactions The call center is normally the department that has the most contact with your customers. If your customers rave or rant about your business, it is usually because of their experience with your call center. However, call centers are expensive to create and manage. Add to that the fact that most small business […]

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Effective Leader

Technology MNC Utilize Customer Experience Strategies

Understanding customer experience can help your company tailor its offerings and marketing strategies. Technology MNC companies leverage big data analytics in order to understand its market down to age groups, gender and even whether they eat Chinese food on Fridays. For a small business, this type of information is difficult to obtain. When you leverage call center outsourcing services as part of your data gathering strategy, the service rates are offset by company growth. Albert McKeon’s article on customer experience strategy explains the importance of intelligence gathering and how a one size fits all approach to marketing is no longer […]

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