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Wondering how to take customer experience to the next level? It’s a question many managers are asking themselves. To take customer experiences to the next level, you’ll need to change some business processes, including getting rid of some old ones and adding some new ones. You’ll also have to create a more customer-oriented philosophy among […]

It doesn’t take much for customers to bolt. All it takes is one bad customer experience…and the customer is gone. But good customer experiences breed loyalty. And when you deal constantly with customers, like many retailers, you can’t afford to have bad customer experiences. That’s why many retailers excel at providing good customer experiences. SMBs […]

Do you take customer service or tech support for granted? You shouldn’t—not if you’re an SMB. Tech support and customer service aren’t just conveniences for your customers. They’re business critical services you provide. They can boost customer satisfaction, differentiate you from your competitors and minimize downtime. They can also boost efficiency and increase productivity. Not […]

Thinking about outsourcing tech support or customer service? A key stage in implementing outsourcing is developing a comprehensive, yet practical service level agreement (SLA). Creating an SLA does several key things. It: Sets realistic expectations for your service provider Tells the provider what’s important to you and your customers Indicates how your provider should spend […]