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call center Best Practices

5 Key Customer Service Best Practices

It doesn’t take much for customers to bolt. All it takes is one bad customer experience…and the customer is gone. But good customer experiences breed loyalty. And when you deal constantly with customers, like many retailers, you can’t afford to have bad customer experiences. That’s why many retailers excel at providing good customer experiences. SMBs can learn lot about customer experiences from their retail brethren. Many call center best practices that help retailers win customer ratings awards work well for everyone—no matter what type of business you have. Below we detail five top customer service best practices from retailing which we follow at 31West. Adopting them can help you improve customer loyalty and boost customer satisfaction. Keep Things Simple Keeping […]

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offshoring services

Top 5 Challenges SMBs Face When Offshoring Services

Do you take offshoring services for granted? You shouldn’t—not if you’re an SMB. Offshoring tech support or customer service aren’t just conveniences for your customers. They’re business critical services you provide. They can boost customer satisfaction, differentiate you from your competitors and minimize downtime. They can also boost efficiency and increase productivity. Not many business strategies can do all that simultaneously. And when you’re an SMB, you need every edge you can find to survive and thrive. Offshoring Services – What’s Holding You Back? Despite these benefits, you may still be wrestling with the idea of offshoring. That’s not unusual. Uncertainty about key issues often holds SMBs back from exploring it. Things like cost, data security, volume of work, management […]

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Practical SLA

Follow 8 Steps To Create A Practical SLA

Thinking about call center outsourcing services or tech support or customer service? A key stage in implementing outsourcing is developing a comprehensive, yet practical SLA (service level agreement). Creating an Practical SLA does several key things. It: Sets realistic expectations for your service provider Tells the provider what’s important to you and your customers Indicates how your provider should spend its time. Tells your provider how you will judge its performance States clearly the responsibilities of both parties Puts both parties on the same page In addition, creating an SLA provides a solid foundation upon which to build a productive partnership with your service provider. But creating an SLA that does everything you want it to isn’t always easy—especially if you’re new […]

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Manage Change

How To Manage Change: 7 Keys

Change is inevitable. There’s no getting around it. That’s why it’s such a hot management topic these days. Change is also pervasive. It affects everything—even projects. In fact, it can make or break your business growth strategy. Hence we need to manage change. Managing change provides numerous benefits. It helps: Both partners work together more effectively Generate support for your project. Ensure complex changes are made efficiently Both organizations adapt to a new way of working Managing change is the engine of any project. It drives organizational transformation and employee motivation. That’s why it’s so critical to outsourcing success. But managing change is a challenge and it involves two organizations with different goals, personalities, and management styles. So how do […]

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