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What’s the biggest mistake in leadership? Arrogance? Self-interest? Acting too fast? Personally, I would say it’s being certain. Things change all the time. When we forget that, we become certain. And when we become certain, we forget to pay attention. Why bother? We’re certain. Being certain often gets leaders in serious trouble with their constituents […]

More than 51% of U.S consumers switched service providers in 2013 because of poor customer service—up 5% from 2012. That’s a surprising statistic. But it’s just one finding from a recent survey by Accenture. The survey measured the experiences of 13,168 customers in 33 countries across 10 industries and included 1,256 U.S. customers. Accenture’s survey […]

Do you have the resources to support all business systems adequately? You probably don’t. It’s just too costly for most SMBs. But your business systems are your company’s cornerstone. They must be reliable, secure, and cost-effective. And they must perform at the highest level possible every day. This makes choosing a service provider paramount when […]

Are you leveraging Big Data? If you’re not, you’re missing a golden opportunity to boost customer service and call center performance. More important, you’re missing a golden opportunity to boost customer satisfaction—not to mention what it can do for your revenues. Big Data isn’t another fad. It’s here to stay. And thanks to advancements in […]