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Inbound contact centers are the hearts of many healthcare businesses. If you’re a healthcare manager, you know what we mean. Once a siloed support function, the contact center is now a dynamic marketing tool that can drive business growth. More specifically, it’s a key customer service tool that can boost customer satisfaction. But like many […]

While there are many ways to do this, the easiest (and most secure) is to setup password-less certificate based ssh access and then use scp or rsync to copy the files. In this tutorial, we assume you want to copy files from user1 on server1 to user2 on server2. First, let’s setup up certificate based […]

Do you deliver tailored customer experiences? No? Then you’re missing a golden opportunity to boost your bottom line. Delivering tailored experiences turns visitors into customers and customers into loyal shoppers. And creating loyal shoppers boosts the bottom line. They enable you to avoid the price wars that derail many companies that get involved in them. […]

The writing is on the wall: Technology drives employee engagement. And leading the way is BYOD—bring your own device to work. Here are some interesting stats about BYOD: 81% of employees use at least one personal technology tool on the job 30% of these employees admit they would disobey a policy banning the use of […]