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Looking for ways to drive business growth? Reduce the attrition rate of your inbound call center.  It’s a business strategy you may be overlooking. Attrition is a leading indictor of your call center’s health. It tells you not only how effectively your inbound call center is run, but also how likely it is to deliver […]

Want to boost your company’s bottom line? — Invest in inbound call center technologies. That’s the conclusion drawn from a recent study by Benchmark Portal. This in-depth study shows a statistical link between technology maturity and key performance metrics. Sponsored by Cisco, the recent research report indicates that investing in advanced call center technology boosts […]

Conflict is painful. There’s no getting around it. It’s also a reality in every organization. Like change, it’s inevitable. And it can dramatically impact your inbound call center’s morale and productivity. But it doesn’t have to negatively impact your call center. A lot depends on how long you tolerate a conflict before addressing it. Minor […]

What’s your primary goal as a manager of an inbound call center? If it’s not delivering consistent customer experiences, it should be. Why—because companies that deliver consistent customer experiences tend to focus on building relationships with customers. Companies that focus on building relationships generate higher customer satisfaction ratings and increased profits. That’s not surprising to […]