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Thinking about switching to a Cloud-based inbound call center? You’re not alone. Many savvy managers of premised-based call centers are. But it’s a tough decision to make. Switching to a Cloud-based call center offers numerous advantages.  It’s why more and companies are doing it—even high profile ones like British Telecom. BT recently launched a Cloud-based […]

Apple. Amazon. Google What’s the secret behind their success? It’s their ability to innovate. These companies are among the most innovative in the world. And, thanks to this, they’re also among the world’s most successful. But these are tech companies. They should be great innovators. Right? Innovation drives many tech companies. But it also drives […]

How do you measure the effectiveness of your call center team? How do you identify gaps and build improvement strategy? We have put together a comprehensive list of vital metrics which we track on daily basis & hope these will help others too. 1) C-Sat (Customer Satisfaction) It is a measure of how products and […]

Have you implemented a CRM strategy yet? No? Then put it at the top of your To Do list. Customer relationship management is among the hottest call center trends around. That’s because it can turn a cost center into a profit center. And that’s driving more and more managers to implement CRM. CRM has numerous […]