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Help desk software is the lifeblood of a contact center. It’s a powerful customer service tool that can help boost revenues. Properly implemented, it can dramatically improve contact center operations, increase FCR rates, and boost customer satisfaction. On a more granular level, help desk software: Minimizes employee work lags for unsolved tech issues Automates issue […]

All businesses need a competitive advantage. But SMBs may need one more than anyone else. Those that lack a competitive advantage won’t survive. Why—because they’re not differentiating themselves. They’re not giving customers a reason to buy from them. And in today’s overcrowded marketplaces, that’s fatal. Outsourcing can help So how can you create a competitive […]

You’ve determined your needs. You’ve developed an RFP. You’ve created a vendor short list. Now it’s time to select your service provider. Make no mistake.  Finding a good service provider is critical. It can make or break your project no matter what you’re outsourcing. Some say it’s the most critical step in outsourcing. But finding […]

According to a survey of 800 executives in the United States, cost savings is the primary driver of outsourcing. No doubt about it. Outsourcing cuts costs. And sometimes quite dramatically. But if that’s your only reason for outsourcing, you’re missing the boat. Outsourcing is also powerful weapon that can transform your business. And if you’re […]