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More and more SMBs are going remote. No question about it. A recent Skype survey showed that on average nearly 62 percent of the companies surveyed allow employees to work offsite. The survey also showed that 56% of the managers surveyed believed remote workers were more productive, while 75% believed working remotely is becoming more […]

Are you connecting with customers? Today’s technology provides plenty of ways to do it—from social media to video chat to e-mail. But it’s all too easy to let technology take over in customer service. When it does, that spells trouble. It can drive customers away. And that’s not good. They don’t need another reason to […]

Outsourcing has enormous potential for your business. It can cut costs. It can free up key resources. And it can transform your business into a dominant market force. The question is: How do you unlock this potential? Realizing outsourcing’s potential is a challenge. Make no mistake. But you can do it by: –        Targeting the […]

Like many of today’s managers, you’re probably being asked to do more with less—a lot less. This isn’t always easy—especially in IT where resources are often limited. So you have to be selective when it comes to projects. You also have to make ample use of all the tools at your discretion, like outsourcing. Outsourcing […]