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If you’re implementing an outsourcing project, you want it to be a success. Executing an effective transition is the key to achieving outsourcing success. The transition affects every aspect of outsourcing. So you must get it right. Typically, a transition starts at a contract’s beginning and continues until it reaches its “steady state” phase. When […]

Do you want to improve customer satisfaction? Of course you do. Increasing customer satisfaction boosts corporate revenues, and it does it rather significantly. And while it isn’t a corporate panacea—increasing satisfaction is potent medicine. So how do you do it? A proven way is to invest in advanced contact center technology.  It helps you exceed […]

Do you take customers for granted? If you do, it can cost you. Customers are your biggest asset. But if you’re losing them at an alarming rate, it could be because you’re taking them for granted. And that’s unforgiveable. Your call center is your “store.” It’s also the face of your business. Often, an agent […]

Creating a well-written SLA is a challenge—especially if you’re outsourcing tech support. Even if you include all the key elements in an SLA, your job isn’t done. You still have to include provisions for things like dealing with the sharing of cost savings, escalation procedures for disputes, and change control procedures. Capture all these elements […]