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Are you exceeding your customers’ expectations? If you said no, you’re asking for trouble. Once meeting customer expectations created customer loyalty. But that’s no longer true.  The rise of the tech-savvy, connected consumer has changed customers’ expectations. So meeting them isn’t good enough anymore. Instead, you need to exceed them to retain customers. So how […]

Here are two ominous statistics if you’re planning to outsource tech support: IT projects are 20 times more likely to fail than other types of projects. One in six IT projects has cost over runs of 200% These two findings come from a 2011 Oxford University research project Admittedly, these findings are a bit dated. […]

How can I make sure my outsourcing project succeeds? If you’re thinking of outsourcing tech support, you’ve probably asked yourself this question a dozen times over. Sure, outscoring provides numerous benefits. It can cut costs, reduce risk, and increase efficiency. It can help you stay focused on core competencies. And it can increase competitiveness. But […]

Management may want to contract projects to external vendors for different reasons. Maybe it wants to gain operational efficiencies. Maybe it wants to gain additional expertise. Or, maybe it just wants to increase management focus on core functions. Whatever the reason, the only thing that really matters—at least as far as you’re concerned—is whether the […]