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Contact Center Performance

6 Ways To Boost Contact Center Performance

Do you want to boost Contact Center Performance? Do you want to improve customer satisfaction? Of course you do. Increasing customer satisfaction boosts corporate revenues, and it does it rather significantly. And while it isn’t a corporate panacea—increasing satisfaction is potent medicine. So how do you do it? A proven way is to invest in advanced contact center technology. It helps you exceed customer expectations. And that’s the key to boosting Contact Center Performance satisfaction. Advanced Technology Helps Research shows that investing in advanced technology can improve both customer satisfaction and financial performance together. The trick is using the right technology in the right areas. With this technology, the report’s respondents did the following: Improved FCR rates Reduce costs per call […]

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First Contact Resolution

How To Improve First Contact Resolution

First Contact Resolution – Do you take customers for granted? If you do, it can cost you. Customers are your biggest asset. But if you’re losing them at an alarming rate, it could be because you’re taking them for granted. And that’s unforgivable. Your call center is your “store.” It’s also the face of your business. Often, an agent is the only employee that ever talks to a customer about a product or service. And since this “relationship” is virtual, customers are only a phone call (or e-mail) away from doing business elsewhere. A good way of making sure customers don’t leave is through first call resolution (FCR). Impact Of First Contact Resolution FCR impacts every aspect of your business. […]

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7 Ways To Cripple A Service Level Agreement

7 Ways To Cripple A Service Level Agreement – Creating a well-written SLA is a challenge—especially if you’re outsourcing tech support. Even if you include all the key elements in an SLA, your job isn’t done. You still have to include provisions for things like dealing with the sharing of cost savings, escalation procedures for disputes, and change control procedures. Capture all these elements in a single document and you’ll have yourself a well-written SLA. But even if you craft a well-written SLA, you still may not get a high level of service. Ways To Cripple An SLA Factors not covered in an SLA agreement can cripple the effectiveness of your SLA—even when working with an experienced service provider. Seven […]

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Call Center Vendor Selection

A Five-Step Call Center Vendor Selection Process

You’ve gotten approval to outsource customer service. You’ve gotten buy-in from all key stakeholders. You’ve developed a budget for the project. You’ve selected a manager to oversee the effort. The only thing left is choosing a service provider. Make no mistake, this is a critical decision. Following a proven call center vendor selection process minimizes costs, increases customer satisfaction, and improves competitiveness. It also boosts business growth and puts a feather in your cap career-wise if all goes well. And it will—but only if you find the right provider. Call Center Vendor Selection Process: Selecting a service provider for your project can be complicated, emotional, and time-consuming. It can also be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. Following […]

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