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Will Your Company Make It Until Tomorrow?

Today’s marketplaces have dramatically changed. And it isn’t necessarily for the better—not if you’re an SMB. Thanks to the Internet, consumers are more demanding than ever. That’s because they’re well informed about products and services. They’re also smarter. This gives them the leverage in most sales transactions. If you’re an SMB, you’re probably finding it a challenge to generate new customers and retain them—the keys to surviving long term until tomorrow. So how can an SMB regain the leverage they’ve lost? By doing one of two things: You need to introduce a disruptive product or service, or provide the best customer service in your industry. Nothing less will do! Not if you want to make it until tomorrow. And make […]

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Offshoring Success

6 Steps To Guarantee Offshoring Success

Everyone agrees – offshoring success can transform your business. It can change you from an also ran to a market leader—all while cutting costs and boosting customer service. It can even turn your company into a force in your industry—but only if offshoring Success is done right. Despite its benefits, offshore engagement can sometimes be a challenge—one fraught with mine fields. If you stumble on one of these, the project can blow up in your face. How can you make sure that that doesn’t happen? The 6 steps below help guarantee offshoring success: 1. Define The Scope Of The Project Identify key elements of the project. Which services do you want tooffshores and which do you want to keep in-house? Also, […]

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Practical SLA

5 Rules For Choosing SLA (Service Level Agreement) Metrics

Failed outsourcing deals litter the business landscape. Just ask any consultant or service provider. How many exactly is hard to tell. Businesses hate to announce failures. But one IT executive estimates that about 25%—and maybe more than half—of all outsourcing projects fail. How do you produce a successful outsourcing project? You craft a well thought out for choosing  SLA or Service-Level Agreement. An SLA measures your relationship with a service provider. It also defines key activities. Creates expectations and objectives. And accurately measures performance. At the heart of an SLA is its set of metrics. They translate an SLA into something that can be measured and managed. So choosing the right metrics for an outsourcing project is paramount. But doing that […]

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5 Necessary Call Center Metrics

Measuring call center metrics is a delicate balancing act. It involves weighing three key measures of performance—quality, quantity, and efficiency. Finding the right mix isn’t always easy. But call centers are the “front door” to your business—the key way customers contact your business. So it’s imperative you measure your center’s performance regularly and accurately. Measure Metrics That Matters The secret to gauge call center performance is to measure what matters—not just to you but to your customers as well. That means cutting right to the chase—wading through the information glut and zeroing in on things that matter to your customers. And while this may differ from industry to industry, some things matter to all target audiences. Below are 5 metrics […]

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