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You’ve gotten approval to outsource customer service. You’ve gotten buy-in from all key stakeholders. You’ve developed a budget for the project. You’ve selected a manager to oversee the effort. The only thing left is choosing a service provider. Make no mistake. This is a critical decision. Selecting the right provider minimizes costs, increases customer satisfaction, […]

If you’re an experienced IT manager, you’ve probably created more than a few service level agreements (SLA). Heck, you’ve probably created dozens. But when is the last time you thought about what an SLA really is? Or what it can be—an effective and efficient management tool. It’s probably been a while. Reviewing what an SLA […]

Offshoring isn’t just for big companies. It’s good for almost any company. So why aren’t more small and mid-size companies contracting tech support or customer service? One reason is money. Many small and mid-size companies don’t think they can afford it. So they dismiss the idea out of hand. But savvy managers can find the […]

Failed outsourcing projects can cost companies millions. If the project involves outsourcing tech support or customer service, a failed project can also impact customer satisfaction as well. And that can hurt revenues. So a company can’t afford to have too many outsource failures. Outsourcing fails often because managers don’t set expectations correctly. When that happens, […]