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Leaders are born not made. While it isn’t possible to teach people how to be a leader, it is possible to create an environment that nourishes the leadership qualities in your employees. By creating the right atmosphere within your inbound call center, everyone can be a leader. An Army of One A few years ago, […]

When you have a call center, establishing a report with your customers is important. Whether your agents are selling a service, offering tech support or handling a customer service issue, a rapport helps improve the level of satisfaction and assures the customer the company values their patronage. If you offshore your call center processes, you […]

What do customers want from inbound call centers? If you said they want highly personalized service, you’d be right. They want to contact you how they want and when they want. They want issues resolved quickly and efficiently—preferably on the first call. And they want to deal with knowledgeable agents who know their call history. […]

Looking for proven ways to boost your inbound call center’s productivity and performance? That’s easy. Build a strong team at your call center. The benefits of doing so are almost boundless. Building a strong agent team: Improves morale Increases innovation Boosts flexibility Increases efficiency Improves resource utilization More important, it increases job satisfaction. And that […]