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Every company has a culture. It is the way the organization treats its clients, employees, and management. When you are hiring agents for your inbound call center, you should choose a candidate who fits with your company’s culture. A Different Breed People who work in a call center are different from other types of employees. […]

When you have a small company, applying growth hacking strategies will help your organization compete with corporations in your market. One aspect of growth hacking many businesses don’t consider is cross training. If you create cross training protocols in your inbound call center, you can achieve rapid growth. Next Generation Generation Y employees are now […]

Understanding customers’ experiences can help your company tailor its offerings and marketing strategies. Technology MNC companies leverage big data analytics in order to understand its market down to age groups, gender and even whether they eat Chinese food on Fridays. For a small business, this type of information is difficult to obtain. When you leverage […]

Customer resource management requires the ability to obtain and maintain customer relationships. With the necessary hardware upgrade requirements, the challenges of dealing with multi-channel access and rapidly changing technology one misstep can lead to expensive repercussions. In-house and call center service costs need to be viewed in perspective of effective technological strategies. Misplaced Blame If […]