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When you are seeking to create a top call center, you need the right employees. Interviewing candidates for open agent positions can be difficult. If you use these six steps, however, you will be able to find star employees for your call center. Keyword Screening The right agents will know and use call center buzzwords. […]

Did you know that the four top customer service myths are hurting your inbound call center myths per customer? If you want to be able to increase profits and decrease costs in 2015, you need to stop believing in these customer service misconceptions. Fewer Calls Mean More Money Companies often think that if their customer […]

Do you want to know a way to increase your return on investment and expand your business? Encourage your customers to complain more. When you increase the number of people who contact your call center with complaints, you can increase repurchase rates, revenue and decrease customer churn. Satisfaction Is Necessary In order for your company […]

Is the data in your inbound call center secure? It better be. Cyber crime is on the rise. And if hackers breech your system, it can cost your company a pretty penny. Consider these findings from the Ponemon Institute: $7.6 million per year is the mean annualized cost of cyber crimes for organizations $1,607 is […]