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The customer is always right. This platitude may sound like a great way to improve customer relations. But businesses understand that if they allow their support personnel free reign when satisfying clients they could lose money. Tech support can be an expensive department to run and maintaining customer satisfaction can be costly. Changing the way […]

How to create a New / Restricted User Account in Android Lollipop 5.0               Step 1: Go to Settings from the swipe down menu. Step 2: Under Settings select the Users Option. Step 3: Select Add user or profile on the next screen. Step 4: Select a New User or Restricted Profile […]

It’s time to retire your RFP process. It’s old. It’s worn out. And it’s tired. It’s also limiting. Instead, do what many managers of inbound call centers and tech support services are doing when it comes to sourcing. They’re using Requests for Solution (RFS) proposals. And it’s producing more cost-effective solutions to IT problems—especially when […]

Do you know what consumers want most from inbound call centers? If you don’t, don’t be embarrassed. Many call center managers don’t. What consumer’s want most from inbound call centers are great customer experiences. In today’s world this means delivering experiences that are easy to complete, personalized, in context, and consistent. It also means offering […]