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Employees who are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance perform better and less likely to leave your company. Yet in recent surveys of 23 countries, the US came in dead last. The country also ranks low in the areas of relaxation time and high for hours worked per week. Here are some ways that […]

When it comes to inbound call centers, balance is key. Placing your phone number everywhere will increase calls but will not help sales. If you remove your contact information from your marketing you will decrease calls but may not be able to improve revenue. If you combine the right tools with an effective strategy your […]

When a small business tries to run a call center that sometimes run into difficulties. Your company may experience a low call volume or so many calls that your staff can’t complete other tasks. Combining call center services and new inbound technology can help your company obtain more leads and stay organized. Outsourcing Call Center […]

Is your contracting project delivering as expected? — Not every project does. In fact, according to a Dun & Bradstreet report, 25% of the companies it surveyed say their contracted projects don’t deliver as expected. This is a sobering statistic. But you shouldn’t be surprised. If you’ve managed projects before, you know they’re challenging. That’s […]