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Do your call agents trust you? Chances are they don’t. Workers instinctively mistrust managers until they prove otherwise. It may not be fair. It may not be right. But it’s a fact of life. This is bad news for you and for your company. Unless you gain your people’s trust, their performance will suffer. Instead, […]

Do you provide good service to your customers? A recent survey shows that 33% of consumers think that today’s businesses pay less attention to providing good service than in the past. What’s more, only 7% say that the customer service they’ve received typically exceeds their expectation. These numbers aren’t just disappointing they’re disheartening—especially if you […]

When your company is preparing for a product launch many different teams have to coordinate to make the process smooth. That includes your call center. With all of the other items on your to do list and a small staff, call center outsourcing may be the best decision to support your product launch. Staffing When your […]

Companies understand that customer relationship management is an important part of an inbound call center. But there is a difference between managing the customer and leveraging CRM benefits. Integrating CRM by combining customer service, sales, and marketing can help reduce the cost of running an inbound call center. First Line of Defense For most customers, […]