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If you’re like many managers of inbound call centers, you’re diligently optimizing your customer-facing processes. You’re training supervisors. You’re scripting responses. And you’re installing tools for managing multiple channels. You’re even investing in the latest call center technology. In short, you’re doing everything you can to boost customer service. That’s great. Inbound call centers are […]

Many small businesses look to see what large corporations are doing to create efficient business practices. Even MNCs don’t have money to waste on processes that are complex, disorganized, or inefficient. Multinational tech companies could create their own in-house call centers to handle their customer issues. Yet they understand that tech support outsource rates are […]

Human resources is often one of the most expensive and inefficient departments for a new business. The cost incurred to find, train and develop employees is high and when they are coupled with low retention small businesses can’t survive. If you want to lower inbound call center costs you may want to develop these important […]

Call Center Outsourcing Companies: Blinded by the Stats Growth hacking is a term that started in Silicon Valley and spread like wildfire through the rest of the business world. As with all new terms, however, both the definition and practice of growth hacking has changed drastically. Some companies are so engrossed with the numbers that […]