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It is important to understand the technology your outsource help desk company uses when they serve your clients. The phone system, software, and hardware that your third party organization uses can affect your business in terms of cost, customer satisfaction and integration. One type of popular phone system for help desk companies is VOIP or […]

Efficient teams work well with one another and strive to meet a common goal. As a leader, your responsibility is to encourage cooperation and ensure that the needs of stakeholders are taken care of. The environment you create when you start your inbound call center will serve as the foundation for future employees and business […]

Sixty years ago Peter Drucker said that “the business enterprise has two—and only two—functions: marketing and innovation.” Not every CEO fully embraces innovation like Peter Drucker. In fact, innovation leaves many CEOs out in the cold. So while many businesses use marketing to create competitive advantage, fewer employ innovation as a differentiator. Companies that ignore […]

Half of all customers with unresolved issues are at risk of leaving or have already decided to leave a company, according to a recent American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) study. This finding underscores the importance of resolving customer issues on the first call. It also underscores the importance of First-Contact Resolution (FCR) as a metric. […]