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net promoter score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) – The Only KPI That Matters

Net Promoter Score (NPS) - The Only KPI That Matters Interested in gauging the loyalty and level of your customers’ satisfaction? Then Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the ideal tool you can use to perform this very important role in the operations of your organization. Net Promoter Score is a key performance indicator (KPI) that is focused on measuring customer loyalty (Frenay, 2016). It was introduced as an alternative to customer satisfaction surveys that were seen as rather time consuming. Customer loyalty behavior plays a pivotal role in promoting commercially meaningful scores as determined by KPI. Customer satisfaction significantly contributes [...]
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call center pricing

Call Center Pricing – Call Center Cost

Call Center Pricing / Call Center Cost Call center pricing is an important factor but let it not be the only one. For a successful engagement, focus on business growth with a long term outlook and over all cost saving. It is in your long term interest to choose quality over quantity and take due diligence while searching and selecting your service provider. Once again call center pricing / cost is an important factor but let it not be the only important factor. With most businesses today relying on call center, the number of service providers too have grown exponentially making […]

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Evaluate Call Center Companies

How to Evaluate Call Center Companies?

How to evaluate call center companies for your business? This is a very common but crucial question. While the question ‘What to outsource?’ has been answered and re-answered time and gain, a more pertinent question that needs to be answered today is ‘who to outsource?’ Without the right selection of the company that you want to outsource to, Outsourcing may very well be non-productive or even worse counterproductive! We spoke to a number of Small & Mid-sized companies across US & compiled a list of 5 pointers that should be kept in mind while searching for a partner for your […]

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