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10 Statements A Call Center Rep Must Never Use

When a customer contacts a call center rep for help, complain or seeking help in a product or service-related breakdown, there is almost nothing that matters more to the ultimate success of the company than the language the representatives use. There are lots of things a call center service rep can say that come by as condescending, tacky or flippant. Things that could destroy the customer experience instantly. According to a study, nearly 70% of customers will quit doing business with an organization because they felt that a customer service agent treated them rudely or with indifference. Sometimes even these […]

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Call Center Communication

Twitter DM: A Revolution In Call Center Communication

Twitter has become one of the critical channels to drive customer loyalty and satisfaction. Customers today use Twitter to complain, escalate issues, get opinions from peers, and ask for help. Many people like Twitter for its ease of access and its inherent simplicity as a Call Center Communication channel. News about Twitter upgrading its direct message (DM) feature was received with different reactions ranging from downright panic to indifference to a great relief in business communication. The DM feature gives users more control by allowing them to opt in to receive direct messages from anyone regardless on whether the person […]

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Call Center Evolution

How Tech MNCs Handle Call Center Evolution?

Call centers services of all types are evolving. With multi-channel customer service and cloudsourcing, tech support, customer service, and sales departments have had to adjust to new customer demands. Flexibility and adaptability are the keys to business growth. Even tech-based multi-national companies understand the need for specialization. That is why many tech MNCs are turning to tech support outsourcing as a way to deal with the call center evolution. Phone Banks Are Obsolete Gone are the days when a company could create a call center by finding a large open office space and establishing a phone bank. Now even buying […]

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Call Center Gamification for Improving Employee Loyalty

Gamification has become a unique way to increase customer engagement and loyalty. By creating fun and exciting ways to learn about new products, earn discounts and interact with businesses. Customers feel like they are rewarded for performing simple and fun actions. As the manager of a help desk, by turning the idea of gamification inward and focusing on your employees, your department could increase efficiency and retention. Employees Want to Be Loyal In this current atmosphere of high employee turnover, it may seem as though workers don’t care about the companies where they are employed. The appearance of employees just […]

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