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Call Center Motivation

7 Best Kept Secrets For Driving Inbound Call Center Motivation

What are best ways for call center motivation? Are your inbound call center agents motivated? Apathetic workers cost companies billions annually. In the United States an apathetic worker cost his or her company $4,621 annually in lost revenue in 2014. Altogether, apathetic workers cost U.S. companies over $550 billion dollars in revenue last year. Motivated employees, on the other hand, are productive employees. They’re also happy employees. And happy employees create happy customers. That boosts revenue, increases market share, and generates tons of free word-of-mouth advertising. But Call Center Motivation is easier said than done. Five Drivers Of Call Center […]

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Everyone can be a leader

In Your Inbound Call Center, Everyone Can Be a Leader

Leaders are born not made. While it isn’t possible to teach people how to be a leader, it is possible to create an environment that nourishes the leadership qualities in your employees. By creating the right atmosphere within your inbound call center, everyone can be a leader. Leader – An Army of One A few years ago, the US armed forces tried to reinvent its image. It came up with the slogan “An Army of One”. It was meant to foster individuality and responsibility instead of an image of a mindless group of soldiers following orders. The phrase “I was […]

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Support Levels

Help Your Call Center Reps Build Rapport With Customers

When you have an outsourced call center, establishing a strong rapport with your customers is important. Whether your agents are selling a service, offering tech support or handling a customer service issue, a rapport helps improve the level of satisfaction and assures the customer the company values their patronage. If you offshore your call center processes, you can help them establish a rapport with your market. Life Doesn’t Follow A Script Scripts act as guidelines for call center agents, but people can’t follow the script as though it was written in stone. If your partner company doesn’t let its employees veer […]

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call centers

7 Little Known Ways To Build Teamwork For Inbound Call Centers

Looking for proven ways to boost your inbound call centers productivity and performance? That’s easy. Build a strong team at your call center. The benefits of doing so are almost boundless. Building a strong agent team: Improves morale Increases innovation Boosts flexibility Increases efficiency Improves resource utilization More important, it increases job satisfaction. And that in turn creates happier, more productive agents that look forward to coming to work. These kinds of agents provide exceptional customer service, boosting customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and corporate profits. If you’re serious about optimizing your inbound call centers performance and productivity in 2015, work [...]
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