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Bad customer service is more costly than you think. A recent report from Desk.com indicates that it costs U.S. companies about $84 billion annually. Globally, it costs companies 338.5 billion each year. Of the customers that left companies, 61% percent went to competitors. Customers are more demanding than ever. And thanks to the Internet, it’s […]

Is IT meeting the needs of your business? Can IT measure its performance versus agreed upon targets? Can IT measure supplier performance? If you answered “No” to these questions, it may be time to take a new approach to IT—one that can deliver a knockout punch to competitors. It’s called Service Level Management (SLM). And […]

A bad business relationship can cost you. That’s why smart managers develop early warning systems. They tell you when relationships start to sour. That way you can make changes before the relationship impacts the bottom line. That’s money no SMB can afford to lose. If you outsource tech support and don’t have an early warning […]

How do you choose metrics for an SLA? When you’re outsourcing tech support, it’s a challenging task. But your metrics drive an SLA’s success. They can serve as performance targets. They can motivate call agent behavior. And they can help you gauge a provider’s performance. Metrics can also help you answer a critical question: “Was […]